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The best way to memorize and meditate on verses. It simply turns it into a game. :)

App doesnt work

This app doesnt work. Everytime I start it, it crashes. No error message, nothing. Too expensive for a buggy app!

Best app for scripture memorisation

There are methods for every type of learner and ways to test your memory. Neat links to other resources including John Pipers messages.


This would be a great app but it keeps crashing in me. Have never been able to open it, please fix!!


This version does open (unlike original version) so is useable. But there is a dictionary error on startup, and it crashes when trying to access preferences.


I was so ready to be excited about this app. It is very close to being helpful. The problem is that there is an error regarding the date when you start the app. And when you try to adjust the date (preferences), it crashes the app. Please fix this.

good idea - but doesnt work

I get a startup error for a nil value when I open, and going to preferences crashes the app.

Finally! :-)

The app no longer has an error message on startup, and no longer crashes when I attempt to access the preferences. That means that I can choose which collection and set Id like to use, and set a starting date. From what I can tell, the app now functions as intended.

Works great!

All the bugs appear to have been fixed. This app is an excellent way to live out Eph. 6:17.

Superb memorization app!

Please dont be turned off by some of the older reviews this app has obviously been fixed and works wonderfully. Not only can you memorize but you are also linked in to some great commentary and preaching resources! For anyone who wants to learn the Bible!

Amazing app

If you always wanted to memorize scripture, this is the tool to use. This app works perfect. The singing of the verses really locks them into my memory. And the quizzes work really, really well. Thank you so much to Desiring God for coming up with this app.

Great app for storing the Word

Am pretty psyched about this app. I used to leave laminated business cards around with many verses typed on them; but kept on misplacing them (sigh). But now here is a great app to store all the verses that one knows by heart!!! A great many features, and a great tool to facilitate accountability with others in learning new verses. My only request would be this: I know some verses in KJV; some in NIV; and some in ESV. When adding personal Verses into this app, could you please add the option of choosing which version(translation) the bible verse is in? Many thanks! Ps not sure if the singing option works.

Very very impressed!

My favourite function (so far) has to be the option whereby you can use the verse as the lock-screen image. Scripture memorisation now is no further than your lock screen.

Wonderful memorization tool!

I am not one to purchase apps, if you look at my computer/iPod you will see that most everything is free versions. However, i do feel this program is worth so much more than the couple dollars hat i paid. I have found this to be an excellent program to help in verse memorization. This application has recently improved with a few more quiz/study options to help make memorization easy and fun. I like that I can set up daily reminders for study. This app is truly worth the money as there are over four years of memory verses included as well as options to help teach young children key bible verses with the aid of pictures. This is a great tool for family devotions, personal growth, and Sunday/school teachers.

Version Error

Ive selected to memorize verses in the ESV, but they are not appearing fully in that version. They are mixed together with NIV and other versions, and I have found no means of correcting the issue in app.

Great app!!!

I have tried lots of Bible memory applications over the years. The latest version with more quizzes takes this one over the top. I have now used this for several years. It is the best! Buy it you will like it!

Very helpful and more than I could imagine

Ive been using this app for several years, and it has been very helpful encouragement and equipment to memorize Scripture. It has quizzes to help with memorization, as well as songs that set the verses to music. The function I use the most is making the verse a colorful lock screen, which makes it constantly visible for memorization.

Solid app. Missing one key feature

The app is solid and delivers as promised. Just disappointed that there is no Apple Watch companion app. This type of app would be well suited for the watch

Not well done.

Disappointed in the design and quality.

Update is terrible

This app used to be very reliable and an excellent tool deserving 5 stars and not 2, but the new update took away the ability to simply review verses. And since that is the whole purpose of the app I cant justify a higher rating at this time. The only reason it doesnt get a 1 star is because it did work previously before the update.

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